Doggie Daycare is a BLAST!

At Ollie & Viv’s, we like to call it “playcare” since it is so much fun!! What happens during daycare? You drop your dog off with our skilled attendants and they stay and play! They enjoy healthy romps with other dogs, stimulating toys, wholesome treats, relaxing rest, and reinforcement of good manners. Day care is SO much fun for dogs, but we take your dog’s fun seriously! Dogs are arranged by size, play style, and energy levels to ensure your dog gets the most out of day care. And, our skilled and attentive staff, who are on-site all the time, supervise and manage the fun. At the end of the sessions, dogs go home happy, tired, relaxed, and better socialized.

Why DAYCARE at Ollie & Viv’s?

  • Top notch supervision and low attendant-to-dog ratio – we are ALWAYS with your dog for daycare.
  • Builds confidence in many dogs that are timid or fearful.
  • Provides physical activity and stimulation which is especially important for young or high energy dogs.
  • Can help curb behavioral problems such as chewing, digging and jumping.
  • An amazing dog focused campus environment.

Day Care Days / Hours / Location

Drop-off: 7:00 AM onward during daycare hours.

Pick-up: by 6:00 PM (later pick-ups may be arranged until 7pm – additional fees may apply)

Days: Monday through Friday.

Please note: because it is critical that we manage our staff-to-dog supervision ratio, RESERVATIONS ARE ALWAYS REQUIRED.

Daycare Prices / Payment Options

  1. DAILY RATE : $20
  2. 10-VISIT DISCOUNT PASS: $180 – (Prepay for 10 visits, get 10% off – that’s one free visit!; pass must be used within 6 months of purchase)
  3. 20-VISIT DISCOUNT PASS: $360 (Prepay for 20 visits, get 20% off – that’s two free visits! pass much be used within 6 months of purchase)

Are you the parent of more than one dog? You may use your multi-pass discount for all dogs residing in your home.

Day Care Enrollment

Would you like your dog to join the fun? Follow these application steps to get the ball rolling!

  1. Once we have received your completed Daycare and Boarding Application Form we will contact your veterinarian for your dog’s vaccination records, unless you are able to provide digitally. We MUST receive documentation that your dog is current on rabies, DHPP, and bordetella before we schedule a temperament evaluation.
  2. Once we have received documentation of vaccinations, we will contact you to schedule a temperament evaluation for your dog. These evaluations last approximately 30 minutes and are designed give us a good, preliminary idea if your dog will enjoy and be socially successful in a daycare and social boarding environment. The temperament evaluation price is $5.00.
  3. If your dog is considered a good candidate for daycare, we will then schedule an introduction session at daycare. During this session, your dog participates in our regular daycare program for four hours, with all eyes on your dog’s behavior and well-being. After this day, we will make one of three recommendations: (1) we may approve your dog for our regular daycare and social boarding program which allows you to purchase our multi-day daycare passes, (2) we may ask that you schedule another introduction day for your dog so that we may observe your dog again, or (3) we may conclude that our daycare and social boarding program is not ideal for your dog. The introduction day price is $10.00.


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The Ollie & Viv’s Daycare Program provides a wonderful opportunity for approved pets t romp and play with other dogs. The activity offers valuable socialization, regular exercise and fun… which can have a very positive impact on the pet’s behavior, stress level, and overall health. Listed below are the guidelines that all pets (and parents!) need to know. Please remember that these guidelines may be changed or amended at any time.


Approval Process: To be considered, all candidates must be spayed or neutered, must not be aggressive r have any other excessive behavioral issues. They must be current on vaccinations and using an effective flea & tick preventative. Our staff will contact owners to schedule their pet’s Social Evaluation after receiving the completed application forms and vaccination record. The Social Evaluation assesses the social skills of potential new pets by gradually introducing them to our approved daycare dogs. A pet may be evaluated while it is lodging at Ollie & Viv’s as long as the Social Evaluation Application has been submitted and the Social Evaluation appointment has been scheduled prior to the pet’s arrival for lodging.


Probation: Pets approved for Doggie Daycare are always considered “on probation” since their behavior can change. If their social skills become unsuitable at any time, we may have to suspend their daycare privileges. Similarly, pets who have not participated in Doggie Daycare for 3 months or longer will be re-introduced to the pack and monitored closely for any behavioral changes. If their behavior has changed such that it imposes a safety risk to themselves or others they may have privileges suspended.


Hours of Operation: Doggie Daycare runs from 7:00am – 6:30pm Monday through Friday for pets whose humans are in town. Pets can be dropped off at any time during those hours and all pets must be picked up by 6:30 pm unless they are lodging overnight. Pets lodging overnight can schedule a half or full day session after they have been approved for group play.


Reservations: Reservations are always required for pets to participate in Doggie Daycare. There are no “walk-ins”. A pet may be included in the Ollie & Viv’s Doggie Daycare Program in one of three ways:


  • Standing Reservation: Pets with a standing reservation have reservations for a specific day r days of the week. The pet attends daycare on the same day or days of the week on an ongoing basis. A requirement for clients who request a Standing Reservation is the purchase of a “daycare pass” which will be kept on file at the front desk and “punched” each time the pet attends daycare.
  • Daily Call-in: Owners with approved pets may call in between 6:30-7:00am Monday through Friday and inquire about room for daycare availability for that day. If a space is available an Ollie & Viv’s staff member will contact the owner by 7:30am. You must have received a confirmation call from a staff member for your dog to be allowed into daycare that day.
  • Daycare While Lodging: Pets approved for Doggie Daycare may make a reservation to participate in Doggie Daycare when they are staying overnight at Ollie & Viv’s as long as space is available.




Regarding Standing Reservations: By scheduling a standing reservation, owners ensure that their pet will be able to attend Doggie Daycare each week. Here are our policies regarding Standing Reservations:


  • Standing Reservations are only available for customers who purchase a daycare pass.
  • Standing Reservations are specific to the individual day or days of the week. We do not offer a Standing Reservation for less frequency than one day per week. Owners may change their permanent day if a slot is available on a different day.
  • Standing Reservations and Daycare passes cannot be shared among pets from different families.
  • Owners are required to call the front desk in advance to let us know if their pet must miss its scheduled day in daycare. If 3 appointments are missed without advanced notice or if a pet missed frequently, the owner will have two options: 1) release their standing reservation to another customer or 2)keep the standing reservation with the understanding and agreement that they will pay for each day, regardless of whether or not their pet attends.


Social Time: Pets enjoy approximately 6-7 hours of social play in Doggie Daycare each day, depending on when they arrive and depart. Pets are given the opportunity to rest for 1-2 hours at mid-day.


Feeding: We do not recommend the pets eat anything substantial during the day due to the high level of physical activity and we do not offer feedings for Daycare pets. Pet owners should be aware of the risk of the life-threatening “bloat” (i.e. Gastric Dilation and Volvulus) increases when a dog participates in vigorous activity within 1 hour after feeding…especially for large or deep-chested breeds. Owners who feed their dogs in the morning before Daycare should feed by 6:00am.


Flea & Tick Preventative: Since fleas and ticks are easily transmitted from pet to pet, Ollie & Viv’s requires owners to treat their pets regularly with a veterinarian approved flea and tick preventative. In addition we strongly encourage regular administration of a heartworm preventative as your dogs will be outdoors at Ollie & Viv’s Canine Campus.


Dirty Dogs: One of the benefits of Doggie Daycare at Ollie & Viv’s is playing in our large Dog yards. As a result it is possible some pets may get dirty. Our staff will do their very best to clean up dirty pets before they are picked up by their owners. However, owners should understand that the primary role of our staff is to supervise and ensure the safety and fun of your dog in group play. As an alternative, pet owners may contact the front desk and purchase a Daycare Bath. Baths begin in early afternoon and do not include a full groom or detailed brush out.