Quality Canine Lodging. Your Peace of Mind.
Dog’s love to stay and play when their owners are away!

You will have peace of mind knowing your pet is enjoying an impeccably clean, caring and secure home-away-from-home under the watchful eye of our experienced lodging staff.
We know dogs. But just as much, we know what it’s like to be a dog parent when you must be away from your canine companion. Our goal, at Ollie’s Canine Campus, is to make this separation worry-free for both you and your dog so we’ve created a dog boarding experience like none other. We don’t cut corners and we will not compromise when it comes to your dog’s care.

Campus Tours
Performing a drop-in inspection of any pet care facility prior to using their services is a very important step to ensuring the health and safety of your pet. If you have not experienced Ollie’s Canine Campus before, please drop by anytime during business hours for a tour of our facility. Our staff will be excited to show you around, and you will quickly see why Ollie’s Canine Campus has gained such a stellar reputation.

Special Features and Options
Large indoor climate-controlled accommodations
Dual air-conditioning systems that generate ample air exchanges per hour.
Fun one-on-one playtime activities and discounted packages
Group play in Doggie Day Play for approved pets
Variety of Grooming Services to choose from
One-on-one time available
Custom Meals, and all medication administered at no additional charge
Dogs in the same family welcome to stay together

What is Canine Campus Care?
Fun! Our facility is a private dog campus where dogs can run, play,  or rest in the company of other playful dogs, supervised by a team of humans that is totally devoted to their care. We ensure each VIP (Very Important Pooch) can receive the attention he or she deserves. We want your dog’s stay with us to be fun and interactive. By day, your dog will play in our state-of-the-art outdoor/indoor play yards with carefully selected canine friends and/or enjoy individualized one-on-one time.

State of the Art Facility.                                                                                    Our campus is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind
• Central heat and air conditioning. All indoor areas are climate-controlled with the most modern, effective central heat and air system to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort.
• Camera surveillance. To augment supervision and security even further, our center is equipped with a camera surveillance system to monitor all outside and inside areas.
• Customized sleeping areas. Our campus has multiple sleeping “dorms” and “suites”to accommodate the needs of different dogs. Some dogs rest on in our personalized rooms, equipped with raised, fleece beds.
Diligent staff training. Our staff is trained in dog group management, safety, and dog first-aid and emergency response.
Attention to every detail. Stuffed kong toys, calming music, late night potty outings, and the list goes on. We believe details make the difference and we provide the best for your dog.
Attention to special needs. We accommodate any special meals or medication needs without additional cost. We know it’s particularly stressful to travel when your dog has special needs. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for dogs requiring special care.
And just in case…we are just minutes from Petcare Animal Hospital, where we have contracted services for emergency medical care.

Rates and Hours
Rates: $20-32 per night (check-out at 2:00 PM); 1/2 day boarding charges fee applies for dogs picked up after 2:00 PM;
Drop off and pick up Monday through Friday during the following times:
Drop-Off Hours
7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Pick-Up Hours
7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday Hours: 8:00AM – 4PM
Sunday Hours:  2:PM – 6:00PM

Sign My Dog Up!!
Would you like your dog to become on our boarding VIPS (Very Important Pooches)? Follow these application steps to get the ball rolling!

1. Once we have received your completed Daycare and Boarding Application Form we will contact your veterinarian for your dog’s vaccination records, unless you are able to provide in digital form. We MUST receive documentation that your dog is current on rabies, DHPP, and bordetella before we can board your fur babies.

2. Once we have received documentation of vaccinations, we will email you and text you verification of your upcoming dog’s stay with us.  You can always add on additional amenities as your dog’s boarding time approaches.

Our Standard/Basic Overnight Lodging starts as low at $20 per night. That includes custom meals, all medications (if needed), four potty breaks each day, and the superior care and attention of our outstanding lodging staff. Extras can include: one-on-one playtimes, doggie day play training services, grooming services, specialty dog treats, and special attention. Dogs in the same family can stay together and we offer a discounted lodging rate for additional dogs that stay in the same accommodation. With so many terrific options, we will help you design the specific lodging plan with activity package that is best for your furry family member!

Pet Boarding Activities
Our experience shows that the more interaction and activity pets receive, the happier and healthier they will be. When visiting Ollie’s Canine Campus, our pet guest can choose from a variety of activities including add-on services that provide exercise, socialization, private time with a staff member, pampering in the salon, refresher training and just plain fun! We even offer our own delicious gourmet treats for that special mid-day snack!

One-on-One Playtime: Individual playtime with one of our staff that focuses on what our canine guest prefers; including fetch, tug-of-war, brushing or cuddle time.
Business Walk: An personal trip outdoors for our canine friends who prefer an additional potty break.
Gourmet Treat: What fun! A delicious frozen, homemade treat to give your pet that great mid-day break.
Doggie Daycare: Dogs who have passed our social evaluation can play for a half or full day in the Doggie Daycare program.
Grooming Salon: Treat your pooch to a refreshing bath and brush, nail trim, shed control or a full grooming appointment.
Lodge & Learn: What a great option if your best friend is staying for a week or longer and needs to learn better manners or work on a behavior problem.
Refresher Training: Graduates of our training programs can enjoy great touch-up sessions with our trainer while at Ollie’s Canine Campus
Suites with patio:
Dorms with Patios:
Double Dorms:
Double Dorms with Patios:

Guest Policies:
(Polices are available from our Reservation Staff at the front desk)
At Ollie’s Canine Campus your pet’s safety is our #1 concern. Prior to a pet’s arrival, we must have a formal vaccination record from a licensed veterinarian indicating the vaccinations meet the requirements below. No handwritten records are acceptable. We may not be able to accept your pet if the required records are not received at least 24 hours to the pet’s arrival. The following vaccinations are required after the initial series of puppy shots:
RV(rabies): Annual or 3 year, based on documentation by veterinarian.
DHPP (distemper/parvo): Annual after puppy series.
BV(Bordetella): Annually.
General Health: All pets must be in good health to visit Ollie’s Canine Campus. We cannot accept pets exhibiting signs of serious illness, pets with contagious viruses or parasites, or any pet we feel may need veterinary care. Ollie’s Canine Campus is not staffed for skilled veterinary care; we may not be able to handle pets needing significant or special care.
Doggie Day Play or Group Play: Prior to participating in group play or day play pets must be spayed or neutered and pass a social evaluation. Pets may have to be removed from group play or have privileges suspended if their behavior changes or if they exhibit aggressive or dominant behaviors.
Parasites: All pets will be checked thoroughly for fleas and ticks. If any are found, that pet will be treated immediately at the owner’s expense, before being allowed to enter the lodging area.
Behavioral Problems: Pets may not be accepted if the show signs of, or have a history of, aggressive behavior such as biting, snapping or lunging.
Minimum Age: Pets under the age of 10 weeks will not be accepted for lodging, daycare or grooming.
Accommodations: Ollie’s Canine Campus reserves the right to re-assign pets to different accommodations if they become stressed, overly destructive or disruptive.
Access to Lodging Facility: Ollie’s Canine Campus is happy to provide campus tours to prospective clients at any time during business hours. However, to create a safe and low stress environment for our pet guests, we must limit general customer access to the lodging facility.
On Arrival: Upon check-in, clients may request to see their pets’ sleeping accommodations. When your dog arrives we will immediately take them to our yards where they can relieve themselves. During this time you may request to see your dog’s accommodations while your pet is outside.
During Your Pet’s Stay: Clients or friends of clients are allowed limited visits to their pets during their stay. We have video cameras and are happy to update you on how your dog is doing by a phone call or email as well.
Medical Attention: Ollie’s Canine Campus strives to provide a safe, stress-free facility for our guests. However, some pets react differently to new environments and separation from their owners. There is some risk that even pets in the same family may engage in rough play and injure one another when staying together. In non-emergency situations (e.g, diarrhea, loss of appetite), we will contact the owner or owner’s designee to discuss recommended protocol. For emergencies in which urgent care appears needed, we will transport the pet to our on-call veterinary clinic and then contact the owner.
Deposits and Cancellation Policy: Ollie’s Canine Campus requires a deposit equal to 2 days lodging. Customers who cancel within 48 hours of their arrival date or do not show up for their reservation will forfeit this deposit. There is no penalty for cancelling or changing a reservation as long as 48 hours advance notice is provided.
Damage Fee: Ollie’s Canine Campus does not charge a damage deposit for pets.
Personal Items: Please mark all items clearly with your pet’s name. We cannot be responsible for any item left with your pet.
Treats/Food: We accept most foods and treats. We prefer your pets food be placed in disposable zip-lock type bags. We do not accept any rawhide products, or items that may present a risk to your pet while lodging. Such items will be stored by the supervisors until you pick up your pet.
Medications: We can administer oral and topical medications for your pet. Prescription medications should be provided in their respective prescription containers, along with clear written directions. Medications must be kept separate from food.
Bedding: Blankets and similar bedding are allowed. Beds or stuffed bedding that cannot be laundered using our onsite equipment is discouraged.
Crates: Dogs that like to sleep in crates will be allowed in our dorms or suites. Our staff must be able to easily observe and monitor pet health and behavior constantly throughout each day.
Toys: Please understand there is risk of these items being destroyed or misplaced during your pets stay.
Leash Policy: For the safety of our clients, both human and canine, all dogs must be on a leash and under control anywhere on our campus where the public has access.